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[IP] Re: Velosululin

When I got my pump about 5 years ago, I was told that
the buffered insulin was THE one for the pump, since
it caused less clogs in the tubing. Then about a year
ago, a Customer Service Rep from MM told me it was
then "safe" to use Regular. I stayed with the Novo,
since that's what Velosulin is, but my supplier
doesn't seem to differientiate between Lily and Novo.
(I still occasionally have clogs at inopportune
times, but no more than with the Velosulin.) And no
one ever talked to me about Humalog, plus I had no
idea that NPH could be used in the pump! I've been

Also, what is a "sqaure wave?" Is it just a
calculated/multiple injection for high BG? My CDE
told me to use the pump for highs, and not to give
any insulin for it until it was time to eat again. He
said to just check every hour or so to make sure it
was coming down and showed no ketones, and if it
remained the same or went up, to change the infusion.

He also said NO Boluses for highs at night, since
regular insulin works too fast to make it safe. He
and I are discussing whether it's wise to have a
snack at night, to avoid low BG's during the night or
in the morning. I've tried it both ways, and have had
no consistent results, so I prefer not to eat
anything at bedtime.  Sure is complicated...sure is
nice to have choices!  :-}

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