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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis challenges


I may be flying blind here but why not try Velosulin?  It seems like you
wouldn't want a super fast acting insulin like Humalog if you have delayed
digestion.  Please educate me on this!


> I am using Humalog.  I usually remember to write that -- sorry.  I have
>  tried using just a bolus after I eat - nope.  Tonight, only about 15% of my
>  insulin had been given when I had finished supper.  I just took another 12
>  g. of glucose, because I'm still low.  Unfortunately, I know that even with
>  glucose as my antidote this balancing act will catch up.  I'll need to keep
>  watching much of the night or I'll be in the 350+ range.  Thanks for the
>  suggestions.
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