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Re: [IP] To H or not to H

> Any recommendations?

>Just so that you'll know what I'm doing now... on a normal insulin regimen,
>my BG's swing rapidly from high to low (or vice-versa). I take NPH twice a
>day (32 units total)and Regular on a sliding scale twice a day too (14-22+
>units total). I also use Humalog as a supplement when I have very high BGs.
>However, I'm usually quite high after meals... but taking more pre-meal
>Regular seems to just ensure lows before the next meal (depending on what
>my NPH decides to do by that time).

    From what you are doing now I would suggest you take your regular on a
sliding scale for breakfast and lunch and NPH just at night. Even at this
you could still see some lows in the morning before lunch from the NPH.
    Since you are going on the pump anyway start counting carbs and
calculate what regular you need for breakfast and lunch and dee if you can
get the daytime lows under control before getting the pump. When you
supposed to start pumping?
    With this senario you would need to take an injection before lunch,
after checking your BG of course, which might be out of the question?
    Only other thing I might suggest is to cut down the NPH dose in the
evening and maybe increase the regular at that time so that you would not
have too much NPH reacting after breakfast the next morning.
    Since you are going on the pump. . . . .how many BG's are you taking
now? if less that 6 you need more. At least 8 or even ten until you get a
good picture of what is happening.
    Are you injecting soon enough before  eating? I have to have a good hour
if my BG is normal which is most of the time. If it is high, 150 or more I
will take some Humalog (SQ, injected) instead of bolusing for breakfast.
     At this point in time I am very satisfied with using the Humalog in
this manner and it works great. BUT. . . . I like the way Velosulin works
too, not too fast but dependable with the length of sets I get and if I
count carbe really close I will not have the prebreakfast highs I speak of.
These are mostly when I go out to eat and consume fried catfish, baked
potato, hush puppies, and Thousand Island salad dressing! This is only
occasionally but when it happens I don't play around. A 225 or 250 BG
fasting is not unusual for these events. I occasionally  get up in the
middle of the night and test but after a meal like this I just sleep right
on through! Ha
    I would advise caution about the Humalog in the pump but there are a lot
of people that seem to have few problems with it. The main problem I see is
early sight loss. I go 6 days between sets now every time. No problems. I
use Velosulin in the pump and Humalog as I explained. Last hbA1c three weeks
ago was 5.7 down from 7.5 - 8.5 BP (before pump). I feel better than I have
in my life. I am 50 now and was DX'ed 39 years ago and have been pumping for
14 months with a 507. Good luck

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
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