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[IP] To H or not to H

When I talked to my endo about getting a pump, we talked briefly about
using Regular or Humalog. He said that, while Humalog was not officially
sanctioned, he knew that a number of people were using it. He sort of left
the decision up to me. My gut reaction was to go with the "tried & true"
Regular until I got used to the pump. However, after thinking about it I
was wondering whether it might be better to start out with Humalog (or some
combination). Any recommendations? 

Just so that you'll know what I'm doing now... on a normal insulin regimen,
my BG's swing rapidly from high to low (or vice-versa). I take NPH twice a
day (32 units total)and Regular on a sliding scale twice a day too (14-22+
units total). I also use Humalog as a supplement when I have very high BGs.
However, I'm usually quite high after meals... but taking more pre-meal
Regular seems to just ensure lows before the next meal (depending on what
my NPH decides to do by that time). 



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