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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis challenges

    Short note that I hope can help. If the gastroparesis is the problem, you need to slow down the great jumps with BS.The target for BS need to be set higher at first then lower as you get to know how  your body is work  at this time. You make need to do this many time over, for what works today might not work week or month from now. It can be done but you need to take time to  learn what works for you. First take  your time with highs start slow with bolus check every 2 / 3hours wait for the insulin to do its job. Remember food can  be work on BS many hours later. Then try to go on Ensure for a day or two; no solids but know that it can cause diarrhea so get some loperamide to help with it. Then add soft foods and watch how much meat you take in. I hope this helps.

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