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Re: [IP] Gastroparesis challenges


Have you tried bolusing with a square wave AFTER you eat?  Sounds like you
need to delay that onset for quite a bit longer.  Also, are you on Velosulin
or Humalog?  (sorry I can't keep track of this for everyone on the list... oh
well).  I don't know much about gastroperisis.  How do you ever manage to
recover from a low?

Mary Jean

> 'm having huge challenges with the gastroparesis again this week.  Lunch
> ok -- because I just drink my skim milk.  Solids are another story (even tho
> I'm not coming anywhere close to fat).  I had been using a square wave with
> 30 minute duration for breakfast, and bolusing 1/2 and using a square wave 
> with a 1 hour duration at night. Now I'm up to 1 hour for breakfast and 11/2
> hours (all square wave) for supper.  From 11/2 to 2 hours after a meal I'm 
> down to my magic number -- 46 today anyway.  Earlier this week I was just 
> beginning the downward spiral at 2 hours postprandial - 
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