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[IP] Gastroparesis challenges

I'm having huge challenges with the gastroparesis again this week.  Lunch works ok -- because I just drink my skim milk.  Solids are another story (even tho I'm not coming anywhere close to fat).  I had been using a square wave with a 30 minute duration for breakfast, and bolusing 1/2 and using a square wave with a 1 hour duration at night. Now I'm up to 1 hour for breakfast and 11/2 hours (all square wave) for supper.  From 11/2 to 2 hours after a meal I'm down to my magic number -- 46 today anyway.  Earlier this week I was just beginning the downward spiral at 2 hours postprandial - the type of spiral that feels horrible and that glucose doesn't cure.  Suggestions please.  I called my endo on Wednesday, actually about the highs that result about 6 hours after the lows go away.  Unfortunately, I got put to the CDE that doesn't like data, just her cookbook.  Her cookbook for me says EAT.  I called the endo again yesterday, he was out at a remote clinic and didn't call back today.  Frustration abounds --  
dx '71, MM507 only 21/2 months ago -- shouldn't they still be helping?

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