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Re: [IP] which pump?

Nita, although our endo recommended Mini-med for Stephanie, we ended up
going with the Disetronic for several reasons. Not in any particular
order...1. the MM rep for our area was VERY slow to return calls, and was
not the least bit interested in whether or not I would be able to convince
our endo that pump therapy was the way to go (It was like he assumed we'd
never get approval for an 8.5 yo). 2. The Disetronic is waterproof, and for
showers, swimming, etc., it made a big difference for us...Steph says the
teflon cannula infusion sets (she tried 4-5 different kinds before we ever
ordered a pump) are too uncomfortable, we use rapids which do not come in
quick release, yet, so waterproofness was an issue for us. 3) Disetronics
can have both basal and bolus rates adjusted in .1 unit increments...the
mini-med rep would never return my call to let me know if the MM had this
capability...Steph ways 65 pounds, and being able to adjust in tenth unit
increments makes a big difference in her control. 4)Two pumps! Steph was so
sure she would like and be successful with the pump she said she would never
want to go back to injections...with the back-up pump there's less
likelihood of having to be without a pump for several days.

I've only heard good things about both pumps, and feel sure you'll be happy
with either. Somebody on this list suggested that we get our hands on one of
each brand simultaneously for comparison purposes, to see which Steph liked
better, and I have to admit, she too was wowed by the  MM colors, but
realized once it's in its case no one can see it anyway!

Good luck with deciding!

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Date: Friday, April 03, 1998 4:05 PM
Subject: [IP] which pump?

>Please help me listmates.  I am trying to decide which pump to get for
>Jessica.  Any comments from both sides would be helpful in the decision.
>At this point I am leaning toward the Minimed 507, but other kids out there
>please speak up if I am wrong!!
>Mom of Jessica age 6, Type 1 for 5 years, Humalog and N...soon to be
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