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Re: [IP] Re: Velosulin

On  3 Apr 98 at 16:00, Buddy Barber wrote:

>  Yup, that is what one of these information sheets in the Humalog box says.
> e coli bacteria is what they make this stuff is made from. REAL SMALL PRINT,
> so us blind ignorant rednecks can't read it without a 6" magnifier.
>     Believe it or not my BG is 129. I feel so good it ought to be illegal.

If you check the fine print it probaly is illegal <GRIN>.

> Hetter health through chemistry!

Wasn't that quote "Better living through Chemistry?"...  and Humalog, 
Humalin, and all the "human" insulin family are all made with 
recombinant DNA technology.  Anybody else remember reading stories in 
the early 80's about how we would run out of insulin because the 
demand was increasing faster than the supply??

Randall Winchester

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