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[IP] Re: Disetronic


Both pumps are great! I have a Disetronic and love it. 
     This is what I like better about the Disetronic:
First, Water proof. (You do have to put on a cap to make it completely
waterproof. But I have even gone swimming without it and no problem.)
Secondly, you get two pumps. Love the security of that.
Third, there has been talk from one of the more mechanical people on the list
and they researched this side and found the disetronic to be a better engine.
(Of course, for me that's hear say.)
Fourth, it gives you insulin every 3 minutes. (divides the amount you receive
in an hour into 20 servings)
Fifth, you can silence the beeps.

     This is what I like better about the Minimed:
First, Square Wave Bolus which allows you to receive your bolus (for a meal)
over a longer period. Disetronic has a way to do this as well but the Minimed
way is easier and better.
Second, Minimed as a company is more active in the community. Support groups
etc...As well as research. I actually attend a minimed support group, of
course it has made no difference that I use Disetronic to them or me.
Afterall, a pumper is a pumper. :)

Overall: both pumps are excellent. The differences are minor. I suggest you
get information packages from both companies.

Good luck.

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