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[IP] Re: 507, 507, 507, 507, 507

>Please help me listmates.  I am trying to decide which pump to get for
>Jessica.  Any comments from both sides would be helpful in the decision.
>At this point I am leaning toward the Minimed 507, but other kids out there
>please speak up if I am wrong!!
    I don't want to seem to be pushy but if I were you I would want the
(507) best for my child and from where I sit that is on the MiniMed side of
the fence. (507) Besides that.  . .they are made in the good old USA! They
are not completely water proof like the foreign job but I love it.
    If I had chose the Disetronic I would probably loved it just as much but
they wouldn't call me back. (507) You think I could made them mad ????? You
know me. . .
    Seriously, Both pumps are great, (507) either will do a wonderful job.
This is one of those decisions you will have to make for yourself. (507) I
don't think anybody can do that for you. (507). I'm glad I am not in your
shoes. (507)

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