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Re: [IP] RE: Bolusing for a high after a low: Regular Coke

I thought regular coke was sweetened with HFCS (high fructose corn
syrup)  They replaced the cane sugar years ago because it got too
expensive.. Actually coke tried it first then everyone followed suit
because noone noticed..  Seems like fructose would absorb pretty quickly
wouldn't it?

John Neale wrote:
> Michael wrote:
> >USE GLUCOSE FOR TREATMENT OF LOWS. Glucose can be absorbed
> >by the body DIRECTLY through the mucus membrane STARTING with
> >your gums in the mouth, down the throat, etc... It really goes into
> >the blood stream very rapidly and does not require any processing by
> >the digestive system. Glucose gel can be used to treat a diabetic low
> >even when you are incoherent.  The helper stuffs your mouth full of
> >it and rubs it on the gums, etc...  Works in 10 to 15 minutes. I've
> >TESTED personally (on Lily at one of those bad moments).
> I second that, Michael.
> I am constantly amazed at people's descriptions of the "things" they ate
> or drank to treat a hypo. Every diabetic (and doctor!) should be given a
> lesson in the digestive process. Glucose is the REAL THING. All other
> carbohydrates and sugars must be digested (ie chemically processed) and
> turned into glucose before they will enter the blood stream and stop
> that hypo. And digestion takes time!
> When I have even a mild hypo, I eat nothing but a measured amount of
> glucose. Don't spoil it with anything else (except water). A box of
> glucose powder is so cheap. BTW I keep it in the bathroom, not the
> kitchen, complete with plastic cup and spoon.
> Normal white sugar (the stuff you put in your coffee) is particularly
> bad for treating hypos: because of its chemistry, only half of it can be
> initially converted into glucose, and stop that hypo. The other half has
> to go to your liver for "special processing" and is then released as
> glucose several hours later. A lot of white sugar will guarantee you a
> nice big rebound later in the day!
> And regular Coke is sweetened with this bad white sugar.
> Your stomach also gives you the "munchies" and says "hey, feed me
> anything with carbs and lots of it!", but you've got to say no! - just
> pure glucose. Otherwise you've got a big rebound coming up.
> Also, the longer you take to bring your bg up again, the more your body
> starts to slowly release its "special reserves" of glucose, and it
> carries on releasing them for hours afterwards. It takes a while to
> switch them off again. Another big rebound coming up!
> Hmmm. Sorry. End of rant.
> Best wishes
> John
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/