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Re: [IP] Protein in kidneys.

Sara -

Thanks for your reply.  Everything I have read regarding diabetes suggests
that Type I comes on suddenly, while Type II can take years to be detected.
I'm Type I, and mine definitely came on suddenly.  A couple of months before I
was diagnosed, my immune system went into attack mode and I started losing a
lot of weight, my hair fell out, also developed a strange skin condition,
called Morphea.  I was urinating like crazy, and of course, drinking what
seemed like a couple of gallons of water a day, and remember couldn't get
enough food, especially loved grapes.  Of course, the terrible weakness, had
to stop working.  

My last A1C done in mid-March was 6.1.  Excellent, right?  I do have some wild
flucuations in blood sugar, from 25 to 450.  Less so on the pump, thank Gawd!

Would really appreciate it if you could keep me apprised of the progress you
are making in the study.


Iona Mc Allister
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/