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Re: [IP] RE: Bolusing for a high after a low

In a message dated 98-04-02 22:13:11 EST, Barbara wrote:

<< You also have the effect of the other counter-regulatory hormones
 that get in the mix to break down glucose from the storage areas. >>

I had the opposite problem mentioned, rather than going low again after a
hypo, bgs climbed for hours afterward.

I pulled a really stupid stunt. Hold the lectures. Believe me, I know. If
nothing else, the following served as a wake up call. I would appreciate some
explainations and support to get it all in line again. :)

I've already started carb counting again (after a temporary sabatical) and am
getting a refresher course via Pumping Insulin by Walsh. Any insight on the
actual event though would be helpful . . .

It was 3:00 before I ate that day. Family get together and I way over ate high
fat and high sugar foods. I didn't carb count but guesstimated instead. I over
bolused! About 6:30 pm I put myself on the floor sweatin' and moanin' (no sex
involved lol). While the glucose machine counted down. I had two big swigs of
coke. Bgs said 119 but I knew I was way way below this. 30 minutes later I was

I tested about every hour after that and I stayed between 230 - 260. The first
hour I took 2 units humalog (1 for 50). After that I took 1 unit every test
because I knew the insulin wasn't used up yet from the previous bolus. It was
4 am before I was 165 when I took either .5 and went to bed. I was fine the
next day.

Question: was it the food still breaking down??? or something to do with
"counter-regulatory hormones"?


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