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[IP] ratio estimator

> Youre a mathmatical genius...can i email you to calculate my bolus
> amounts...i am REALLY s-l-o-w at math so you might get the answer to me
> faster...i also like the way you step by step explained the equation you
> went thru to get the results...you may think i'm kidding but i am a math
> density...nothing gets thru...no offense michael but sara...we may have
> to get together so you can explain to me how to do the basal rate
> estimator...last time i went in there i tried to calculate my carb to
> insulin ratio and it spit back the same numbers...i don't know...maybe i
> did such a good job figuring it out from pumping insulin that i already
> have the right numbers??????

If you have it right, the RATIO ESTIMATOR should spit back the same 

The results boxes are only different if the various ratios you use do 
not convert correctly. Then it shows the differences.

That simply show you that there is an 'un-identified' problem that 
the user must work to correct.

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