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[IP] Re: Velosulin

i believe that bill from minimed said it had some buffering agent in it
and john walsh said to combine h with some other insulin because they had
the same buffer in them...???michelle
On Fri, 3 Apr 1998 07:03:20 -0600 "Buddy Barber" <email @ redacted> writes:
>>It is my understanding that Humalog is also buffered.
>    I have gone through the inserts in the Humalog box, not completely 
>fairly thouroughly, and I have yet found any information verifing that
>Humalog is buffered. I would venture a guess that it is not. Velosulin 
>BR is
>marked in BIG letters that it is BUFFERED REGULAR hence the BR. I 
>further guess if Humalog were buffered it might be more stable in the 
>in warm weather. but YGIAGAM (your guess is a good a mime!) have a 
>good one
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