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Re: [IP] Velosulin

>FYI, I have been pumping since Jan, A1c dropped from 8.4 to 6.7. My nurse
>said very few type one's have had readings in the 6's with their new lab
>Steve Fuller
>Capacity Planning Products and Services
>978-496-8496 DTN: 276-8496
>email @ redacted

    My last A1c three weeks ago was 5.7! I'm pumping straight "unleaded"
Velosulin BR and sidedress it with Humalog for highs. That is I will inject
Humalog for anything over 150 for premeal bolus. Works for me. If I get to
feeling ant better I will surely tear up this 50 year old frame! heart
doctor told me Wednesday to proceed with caution!
    As an old mechanic I know that most old cars will run their best just
before they BLOW! <big grin>

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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