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[IP] Taking course before becoming diabetic

     I read with interest a few comments about the amount of education 
     necessary just to understand the new meters.  
     I heartily suggest everyone get a manual for the first AutoSyringe 6 
     pump with ONE bolus rate: which needed to be adjusted to YOUR 
     necessary ONE bolus rate by diluting insulin accordingly.  This very 
     simple procedure also enabled you to decide how many units per meal to 
     take (once you had the division of units/infusion shot figured 
     This simple device was doable on a slide rule (I know, I proved it 
     once at a meeting of pump users in Fall of '81).
     Currently there is more CPU power in pumps and meters than the 
     computers that sent rockets to the moon.  Of course our control has 
     not improved THAT much, but it is becoming both easier and BETTER.
     When the NEXT set of gizmos is released life may actually improve 
     dramatically dramatically (Minimed and others constant measure of 
     glucose and hook into pump of said meter).  Not that I don't consider 
     the pump pretty dramatic: its just that everyone going on today is 
     getting all of us dinasaurs years of experience and getting an almost 
     overnight 20 years of experience (yes, I did also have great readings 
     soon after starting, but remember we couldn't have multiple rates and 
     insulin was still the blechy old  U40 unpurified stuff)

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