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Re: [IP] Dr.knows right, or Dr. nose rite?

LAurie wrote:

>I hate to inform you any different than your Dr., but I had a Dr. who
>had me taking 10 units of R for each meal, no matter what, and at night
>I was to take  a sliding scale he made out for me.  Sheesh, don't take
>but 4 units on a big meal now, so you can imagine what was happening at
>my meal times, and 2 hrs after them, I gained ten lbs from that Dr.  I
>would call him up in a reaction, and try to tell him how I thought he
>wasn't correct in his calculations or something (that's what I meant to
>say anyway) and he would send the ambulance after me.  He did  send me
>to the Endo that I am now seeing though, wish he would have done it
>sooner before the  10 lbs.  :oP

I had one of those doctors just like you described. I was taking so much
insulin I could hardly eat enough to stay  above 80! And when I tried to
tell him that he was killing me he sent me a letter stating "Since I am not
having any impact on your BG control I think it would be better for you to
find another "health care professional to take care of you." Talk about
making an old "redneck" madder than hell! This situation always makes me
remember the saying "Too soon we get old and too late smart".

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