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[IP] Re: response to Danna's disgust with Ultralente

I'm definately with you on the Dew -- although caffeine has basicly no
effect on me (at least that I can discern) so I often get the caffeine free
variety-- but I could not live with NPH.  Ultralente was freedom (I know
this is probably going to cause comments) very similar to what I have on the
pump and gave me excellent A1c's for the last 10 years.  Once the
gastroparesis kicked in though, 30 hours without being able to kick down
that basal rate wasn't feasible.  I do love my temp basal = zero.  I guess
this is where YMMV really rings true.
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Date: April 02, 1998 11:33 AM
Subject: [IP] No pump yet.

>Hey everyone! :c)
>   I am not on the pump yet. :c(   Went to the endo Tues. and did not
>get all that good of news that I hoped for, but am yet relieved to know
>why I have been having so many complications lately.  First of all, last
>week when I went to the eye doctor he told me I was on the borderline of
>having glaucoma.  Then yesterday, the endo called and told me I was
>hypothyroid.  Well that explained why my eyes were messed up, why I have
>had absolutely NO energy and why I have gained weight lately.  I thought
>that might have been the case and when I suggested this to the doctor he
>got all snotty and said that a lot of people think they have thyroid
>problems, but it is all in their heads.  When he called back and told me
>I did, I wanted to say "I told you so", but didn't.  hehehe
>     He has me taking nearly 4 shots a day and checking my blood sugar
>all the time.  He said he wanted me to do this for a month and then come
>back and we would talk about putting me on the pump.  He said he wanted
>to make sure I was "serious" about becoming a pumper and I wanted to say
>"Would I be here if I wasn't?"
>    Oh well now everything is all messed up because I am having
>reactions everytime I turn around and have to check my sugar all the
>time because it goes really low then really high.  My body takes the
>full 8 hours to finally start kicking in with the Ultralente.  Actually
>I feel as though my body is trying to reject it.  Wish I was back on the
>NPH.  At least my hA1c was 6.7 something when I was on H and NPH.  Now
>that I am on the Ultralente it was 10.7.  UGH!!!!!  By the way, I am one
>of those addicted to Diet Dew.  Have to have that caffeine rush.  hahaha
>:c) Oh yeah decided I am going with the MM 507.
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/