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Re: [IP] Accu-Chek Complete

At 20:24 4/3/98 +1200, Lynette wrote:
>Hi everyone
>Just one question for all those pumpers who have or trying out the new
>Accu-Chek Complete meters.  Could you tell me how long it takes for a
>test result?  Is longer, or quicker than most other testing meters. 
>Here in NZ they may be arriving in the country very soon.  The cost will
>be $250.00 NZ dollars, which is about triple the price we paid for the 
>Advantage one.  Thanks for your help.

Exactly the same as the Advantage: 40 seconds.  The fastest meter I'm aware
of is the Accu-Chek Instant, which takes 12 seconds.  Most meters are in the
30-60 second range.


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