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[IP] Dr.knows right, or Dr. nose rite?

I hate to inform you any different than your Dr., but I had a Dr. who
had me taking 10 units of R for each meal, no matter what, and at night
I was to take  a sliding scale he made out for me.  Sheesh, don't take
but 4 units on a big meal now, so you can imagine what was happening at
my meal times, and 2 hrs after them, I gained ten lbs from that Dr.  I
would call him up in a reaction, and try to tell him how I thought he
wasn't correct in his calculations or something (that's what I meant to
say anyway) and he would send the ambulance after me.  He did  send me
to the Endo that I am now seeing though, wish he would have done it
sooner before the  10 lbs.  :oP
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