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Re: [IP] kidney study

In a message dated 98-04-02 21:19:57 EST, Barry wrote:

> sara,
>  is the study your in for padigen(sp? ,whats new huh?) thats the one i was
>  on before my kidney trans. i was the first one at the uva study they lost.
>  my luck, i was probably the only one there on a placibo or i was just to
>  far gone. if its the same study i'm glad thire having good results.
Dear Barry,
     Sara and I have previously determined that we are in the same Kidney pill
study.  I am in the Type 2 study which is on a pill called Pimagedine and Sara
is in the Type 1 study which is using the same pill but which is called
Aminoguadadine, as I understand it.  My study, I thought was going
excellently, as far as I knew.  I am now ending my 2nd year of the study.  But
on 12-12-96 the dosage for all in the study was cut in half because of side
effects for too many people and the length of the study was cut from four
years to three years.  Then on February 6, 1997 and again on August 27, 1997,
I was advised that several study patients had acute renal failure and I was
requested to sign two more releases if I wished to remain in the study, which
I signed.  The final blow came on 3-23-98 when I was advised by telephone that
the Type 2 study had been completely canceled and I was requested to return
all my unused pills.  I was informed the reason for this was because too many
people in the group where having side effects.  Some time ago the Type 1 study
was cut back in length to be completed somewhere around June 1998.
     But now for the good news.  Remember, I still do not know if I am on a
placebo or the real thing.  However, every 90 days I received a complete lab
test and exam and I do know that my 24-hr urine protein has improved from 759
to 254.  (The normal is 0 - 150)  To be accepted into this study you had to
have a loss of urine protein of above 500.  Also my creatinine clearance has
stayed steady starting at 62 and ending at 64.  This indicates an approximate
36% loss of kidney function.  Of course, the good thing here is that it is not
getting any worse. 
     Two years ago a good friend of mine had very close to the same kidney lab
tests as mine.  He was unable to get in this study and has been on dialysis
for the last 9 months and two weeks ago passed away after two strokes in one
week caused by dialysis complications.  This in itself is enough to make me
think the pill is working.  I would even be very happy to continue on the
placebo if that is what I am currently on.    
     On December 5, 1997, Alteon, the Ramsey NJ  company that makes
Pimagedine, announced that Genenteck was paying them $200 million as part of a
collaboration to further develop and market Pimagedine.  I can read a lot into
all of this, but I will let you draw your own conclusions as to whether this
pill will be a success.  My mind is already made up, but the results of these
two studys will not be released until after the Type 1 study closes.  At that
time I will also be told if I have been on Pimagedine or the placebo all this
     I'm sorry to have made this such a long posting, but maybe there are a
few of you out there whose kidney function has started to falter who might be
     And good health to you, Barry,     GLENN YODER
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