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[IP] Carb Counting

> I'm sorry but I can't help you with that question since I don't carb
> count.  I'm still using the exchange system that I was taught from day
> 1.  I would like to learn more about carb counting but the dietician I
> spoke with on my last visit to a diabetes clinic suggested a reference
> book for me to read but did not give me much more than that.
the book 
Pumping Insulin covers carb counting and has pretty good "getting 
started" charts in the back for most foods.

More extensive carb lists are available in:

Calories and Carbohydrates by Barbara Kraus; Penguin Books, New York,
lists 8,000 foods. 

The Carbohydrate Gram Counter by Corinne Netzer; Dell, New York, lists
10,000 foods. 

Food Values by Jean Pennington, PhD, RD; Harper Collins Publishers,
New York, comprehensive, includes many vitamins and minerals. 

Total Nutrition Guide by Jean Carper; Bantam Books, New York,
comprehensive: carbs, fats, minerals, fast foods.

Exchanges For All Occasions by Marion J. Franz
Includes extensive carbo information on food ingredients.
Excellent reference for cooking at home.

The Diabetes Carbohydrate And Fat Gram Guide
Reference for calories, grams of carbo, and
exchanges. Includes information on name brands, 
fast foods, frozen entrees, meat, poultry, seafood,
produce, and desserts.

All of these books are available from 


Just put the title in the search box.

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