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No Subject

FYI - the kidney drug study I am on is going to end this summer because the
results are so promising they want to start studying the findings and put it
into the FDA approval process.  Us on the study will continue to get the drug
(or placebo) until they decide if it is a go or not.  This drug apparently
makes the proteins not so sticky or something and...oh hell I dont know what
the damn thing does - BUT it is supposed to be good for those of us with
impaired kidney function, and believe it or not, I DO trust these medical
professionals (will wonders never cease)

By the way, my last A1c was 7.4 down from 8 something in December - see having
your appendix out and relaxing in Florida is GOOD for you!!  Do ya think
insurance will cover the airfare?  nahhhhh


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