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Re: [IP] Protein in kidneys.


You may have only beeb diagnosed with diabetes for 3 years, but you might have
had it a lot longer, and the problems don't all develop after 10 or 20
years...for some poeple they dont develop for even longer, for some,
sooner...everyone is different.

I have been on ace inhibitors since dec 93.  First I was on norvasc which is a
beta blocker I think, but have been on Capoten since dec 95.  When i was first
put on norvasc, I had not had a 24 hour urine in over 4 years!!!  My docs
weren't ordering them evidently - the dorks!  My protein was over 1000.  It is
now 493 - which I think is no longer considered proteininurea (sp), but
microalbuminism.  I suggest you discuss going on ACE inhibitors asap with your
doc.  He may also tell you to stick to a LOW protein diet (sorry Dr. Bernstein