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Re: [IP] Site Rotation

> Need Site Rotation Advise Please...
> So far I have only used my stomach, as my pregnancy progresses I know I 
> will have to use other sites (legs, hips???) My concern is the 
> difference in absorbtion? What are the extremes "pumpers" have 
> experienced? Has anyone used their stomach through their whole 
> pregnancy? Advise would be greatly appreciated.
> Anne Mudano

I rotate from left to right across my lower abdomen, starting and ending
over my hips. Since I can't overlap the IV3000 tape layer that I put
underneath each set from one site to the next, I get about 6 tape sites
going across. When I start over, I make sure the actual insertion site is
at least 1/2 inch from the one during the last rotation.

I don't use my legs -- I'm afraid the absorption would be too variable when
I dance/swim/run/etc. But there are others on this list who do. You could
also try your upper-butt area if you can reach it.

When I was pregnant, my endo had me change sites every 2 days. I could go
all the way across till the 3rd trimester, then the "middle" got too
taut. The last month or 2 I just had 2 sites on each side. I knew a site
was too taut when I would get lots of no delivery alarms. How many weeks
pregnant are you?

Also, if you get stretch marks, avoid that area. The scarring will make the
absorption uneven. I probably should have tried my upper abdomen, but never
did. (That's the area higher than my belly button -- but I'm so short
(5'0") that above my belly button in also over my ribs.

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