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[IP] Diet Jolt??


I hate to tell ya this, but I interviewed the president of Jolt Cola as my
first radio assignment back in grad school...I asked him jokingly if there was
ever gonna be a diet joke or a caffeine free cherry jolt.  he said probably
not cuz the whole premise behind jolt was that 
   A)  it had all that caffeine
   B) it was made with pure cane syrup as opposed to whatever other sodas use

we can dream though...sigh

and as for diet mr pibb being available - not in nyc where most grocery stores
are about the size of your neighbor hood 7-11 and unlike Burger King where
"have it your way, special orders dont upset us..."  store owners dont care
what we want, and  they arent going to expend the effort for one person...oh

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