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Re: [IP] Software


You can turn off the scrolling messages on the Accuchek Complete w/o the
Accutility software.
Setup Options
Meter Options
Messages: off.

You're right about customizing the messages.  You do need the Accutility
software.  My endo gave the name of a B-M rep to call to obtain the
Accutility software and cable.  Called her yesterday, and she is sending
it to me, no problem.  Strange... I called the general B-M number last
week and made the same request.  The technician told me only health care
professionals could get the Accutility software. 

I really like the Accuchek Complete.  You're right about the training
though.  There are so many options and settings, that it takes a while
to figure everything out.  However being able to track so many items
with one nifty little device is quite convenient.

Becky D.

Deminkspot wrote:
> My endo let me use his laptop with the new Accutility software and I was
> delighted to find I could rid of those inane messages that scroll across the
> bottom.  "Exercise is good for you"  was not the type of message I cared to
> receive.  You can customize your messages too- I found it useful to enter new
> information that my doc gave me- like decreasing my insulin/carbo ratio in the
> morning for the next few weeks.  Also added the message to remember to deduct
> the fiber from the carbo count if it's over 5 grams -- something I personally
> tend to forget.  There are many other programable features as well and I was
> happy to eliminate some of the features that I don't particulary like or use
> -- the graphs on the meter are too small for me to read well--  so I don't
> like 'em. Zap - they're gone!  The real problem I had was that there wasn't
> any Save feature - and I kept deleting all the information I'd entered
> inadvertently.  I imagine it Save everything as one Exit or something - but I
> never got that far.  I had to exit myself from the doc's office after awhile,
> so my meter is basically unchanged.  Next time I'll read the book FIRST  --
> not something I'm apt to do until I've screwed things up.  Duh!  Frankly I
> think that without the custimazation features the meter is just too full of
> techno - innovations for me.  I mean you could take a course in this at the
> local community college.  I fully expect the CDE's will set up college a la
> McDonald's"Burger U" or whatever it is in the next millenium where we're
> required to take courses in Insulins, Pumps, Carbo Counting, and the
> Physiology of Insuling Reactions  (sorry Barbara I just had to throw that in
> there!) We'll have books like Meter Reading Made EZ and the ABC's of Dining
> Out.  If we're lucky they might not even let us be diabetics until we
> graduate!  Stay tuned!
> Dianne
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Becky Draper
Hammond, WI
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/