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Re: [IP] Software

On  2 Apr 98 at 16:16, Deminkspot wrote:

> I mean you could take a course in this at the
> local community college.  I fully expect the CDE's will set up college a la
> McDonald's"Burger U" or whatever it is in the next millenium where we're
> required to take courses in Insulins, Pumps, Carbo Counting, and the
> Physiology of Insuling Reactions  (sorry Barbara I just had to throw that in
> there!) We'll have books like Meter Reading Made EZ and the ABC's of Dining
> Out.  If we're lucky they might not even let us be diabetics until we
> graduate!  Stay tuned!
> Dianne 

Maybe we could all collaborate on "Insulin pumping for Dummies" and 
split the profits...  And then we could alter it just a little, put a 
nice hard cover and sell it as a textbook for medical school... call 
it something like "Patient Management and Control Handbook for 
Insulin Pump Therapy".   Of course the textbook would sell for 20-30 
times what the "Dummies" book would...

Randall Winchester

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