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Re: [IP] Insulin to Carb ratios

We're still adjusting Stephanie's rates (basals seem to be pretty well
settled, now we're working on insulin to carbs), and I'm curious about
something. I had figured at about 1 unit to 15 g carbo as a starting
place based on her earlier experiences. After 8 days of pumping
(yee-hah!) it's starting to look like it might be more like 1 unit to
10 g carbo. I'm surprised, because I thought since she was fairly
small (65 lb. skinny-minny) the ratio would be larger. Is insulin to
carb ratio directly tied to weight, or is it more complicated, as in
metabolism rates play a part, etc.? Any help would be
appreciated...even suggestions of books to read where I could learn

It is generally tied to the metabolic rate of the person as well as 
their size.  Lily's has changed several times over the last 3 years 
as have her basal requirements. Sometimes these changes are fast and 
dramatic. The most recent were her nite-time basals which have 
doubled in the early morning (dawn effect) and dropped by a factor of 
10 ( from 0.9 to 0.1 u/hr) at bed time.

Take a look at the various HOWTO's on the website HOWTO page for ways 
to estimate the ratios accurately and ways to measure them as well.  
If you measure bg/insulin and bg/carb there is a calculation tool 
that will give you the carb/insulin ratio.

Look in the HOWTO section.



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