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My endo let me use his laptop with the new Accutility software and I was
delighted to find I could rid of those inane messages that scroll across the
bottom.  "Exercise is good for you"  was not the type of message I cared to
receive.  You can customize your messages too- I found it useful to enter new
information that my doc gave me- like decreasing my insulin/carbo ratio in the
morning for the next few weeks.  Also added the message to remember to deduct
the fiber from the carbo count if it's over 5 grams -- something I personally
tend to forget.  There are many other programable features as well and I was
happy to eliminate some of the features that I don't particulary like or use
-- the graphs on the meter are too small for me to read well--  so I don't
like 'em. Zap - they're gone!  The real problem I had was that there wasn't
any Save feature - and I kept deleting all the information I'd entered
inadvertently.  I imagine it Save everything as one Exit or something - but I
never got that far.  I had to exit myself from the doc's office after awhile,
so my meter is basically unchanged.  Next time I'll read the book FIRST  --
not something I'm apt to do until I've screwed things up.  Duh!  Frankly I
think that without the custimazation features the meter is just too full of
techno - innovations for me.  I mean you could take a course in this at the
local community college.  I fully expect the CDE's will set up college a la
McDonald's"Burger U" or whatever it is in the next millenium where we're
required to take courses in Insulins, Pumps, Carbo Counting, and the
Physiology of Insuling Reactions  (sorry Barbara I just had to throw that in
there!) We'll have books like Meter Reading Made EZ and the ABC's of Dining
Out.  If we're lucky they might not even let us be diabetics until we
graduate!  Stay tuned!
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