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Re: [IP] the diet pop thing


> For me, I will grab a 2 liter bottle of Diet Slice Mandarin Orange. $.96
>  cents at Walmart. I also like it at room temperature and most of the time I
>  shake them up and bleed the fizz off. If I drink too much of this potion it
>  will affect my kidneys and make them hurt some. I do not over indulge in
>  this drink but prefer it just under unleaded coffee. (decaf) which I
>  entirely too much of.

Watch out for carbs in this one.  Unlike other diet drinks, this one does
contain a few carbs...

Personally, I drink two cups of regular black coffee in the morning and then
switch to plain old water for the rest of the day.  I "ODed" on pop last
summer when we were building the cabin and had no water on the premises, other
than our 5 gallon jug.  It was a precious resource so I didn't want to "waste"
it by drinking it. I found it hard to wash my hands and face with the diet
coke and Fresca, so I drank those and used the water for washing.  Now I can
hardly stand pop of any sort.

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