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Re:[IP] carpal tunnel syndrome


I really perked up when I read this in your post:

>  I found problem was worst in
>  mornings.  I would wake up with no feeling in either hand and had to
>  switch to shirts with snaps as I could not do up buttons any more. 

I too, am having problems with losing feeling in my hands while I sleep.  I
don't really have much other numbness at other times, maybe a slight tingling
in the very ends of my fingers.  I have found that I have to be very careful
of how I hold my arms and hands while I sleep.  I CAN'T put them over my head,
and I can't have them under my body, and I must keep my wrists straight.
Because of this, I don't sleep well any more, I am constantly waking up to
check my arms. I have even considered using something like a straight-jacket
to keep my arms at my sides. :-)  My hunch is that I have a mild form of
carpal tunnel.  The total numbness in my hands is quite frightening, and
sometimes takes several minutes of flexing my fingers to regain feeling.

I am curious to know if this is similar to what happened with you.  If so, did
it go on for a long time and gradually worsen to the point of needing surgery?
I'd like to avoid this if possible.

Mary Jean
email @ redacted
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