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Re: [IP] No pump yet.

In a message dated 98-04-02 12:38:18 EST, you write:

<<  My body takes the
 full 8 hours to finally start kicking in with the Ultralente.  Actually
 I feel as though my body is trying to reject it.  Wish I was back on the
 NPH.  At least my hA1c was 6.7 something when I was on H and NPH.  Now
 that I am on the Ultralente it was 10.7.  UGH!!!!!  >>

Danna,  since you're doing the four shots a day, anyway, why don't you just
stick with only fast-acting during the day and the U at night?  (or is this
what you are doing?)  It seems that would help cut down on the lows.
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