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Re: [IP] No pump yet.


>  that might have been the case and when I suggested this to the doctor he
>  got all snotty and said that a lot of people think they have thyroid
>  problems, but it is all in their heads.  When he called back and told me
>  I did, I wanted to say "I told you so", but didn't.  hehehe

Ya should've, in my opinion..., ESPECIALLY considering diabetes and thyroid
problems go hand in hand (please see dozens of prior posts on this
scientifically proven, medically-factual correlation)  Dont you pay him enough
to feel justified in asking him to listen to you?  Ya want me to tell him?

I never used Lente, so I can't comment on your ups and downs, but I bet it has
something to do with its peaks etc clashing with the Humalog.  If you are
writing it all down, you may see trends - ie you go low at 10am - and you took
Humalog at 830am, and Lente the night before at 9pm...maybe they are both
hitting at the same time and you might need to lower your nighttime Lente
(just a thought - I dont know Lente)

RE:  testing so much:  this is SOP (standard operating procedure) for many
pre-pumpers - the docs want to insure that you are really commited to really
doing the testing prior to consenting to the pump - they don't want you to
just SAY you are all jazzed about it, and you "PROMISE" to do all the testing
that is required, and you UNDERSTAND the commitment - they want you to
experience it - and this is probably necessary to insure a successful pumper.
I know  people who have decided AGAINSt the pump after trying to do the log
for an entire month.  My doc had me write down sugar levels, as well as
everything I ate for 3 weeks - I had to bring the log in with me for him to
see it

For me - this was about face, cuz I tested maybe 5 times a week and NEVER
wrote anything down.  Once I started writing things down...I lost weight. and
when I got my pump my sugar swings stopped being so wild and I lost even more
also a MM507
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