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Re: [IP] Re: periods of vomitting

Thank you for your suggestions.  He did not have keytones and his bout lasted
about 12 hours.  The water contamination thing is interesting.  However, we
have not lived in the same house since he was little.  We also have 3 other
children and non of them ever go through this.  However, this week my 7 yr old
did have a case of diaherra (sp?).  This very rarely happens to him.  So maybe
this time was a virus and it just affected each of them differently.  It just
scares me that he goes through these periods so often.  I also called his
school, it is a very small private school, and they had no reports of stomach
upset or vomitting.  

I did not know about the fingernail test or the inside of the mouth test.  You
would think after 13 yrs of this, someone would let me know.  That is why I am
so thankful for this group.  Thank you all for being here.
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