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[IP] No pump yet.

Hey everyone! :c)
   I am not on the pump yet. :c(   Went to the endo Tues. and did not
get all that good of news that I hoped for, but am yet relieved to know
why I have been having so many complications lately.  First of all, last
week when I went to the eye doctor he told me I was on the borderline of
having glaucoma.  Then yesterday, the endo called and told me I was
hypothyroid.  Well that explained why my eyes were messed up, why I have
had absolutely NO energy and why I have gained weight lately.  I thought
that might have been the case and when I suggested this to the doctor he
got all snotty and said that a lot of people think they have thyroid
problems, but it is all in their heads.  When he called back and told me
I did, I wanted to say "I told you so", but didn't.  hehehe
     He has me taking nearly 4 shots a day and checking my blood sugar
all the time.  He said he wanted me to do this for a month and then come
back and we would talk about putting me on the pump.  He said he wanted
to make sure I was "serious" about becoming a pumper and I wanted to say
"Would I be here if I wasn't?"
    Oh well now everything is all messed up because I am having
reactions everytime I turn around and have to check my sugar all the
time because it goes really low then really high.  My body takes the
full 8 hours to finally start kicking in with the Ultralente.  Actually
I feel as though my body is trying to reject it.  Wish I was back on the
NPH.  At least my hA1c was 6.7 something when I was on H and NPH.  Now
that I am on the Ultralente it was 10.7.  UGH!!!!!  By the way, I am one
of those addicted to Diet Dew.  Have to have that caffeine rush.  hahaha
:c) Oh yeah decided I am going with the MM 507.


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