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Re: [IP] Re: periods of vomitting


Gastroparesis is like this-- but I've been diabetic for 20 years so it is
understandable.  I'm not sure if that's possible for someone only diabetic for 3
years and still pretty young.  Stomach ulcers?  Sometimes its hard to remember
that the range of things that can happen to a diabetic are just as wide as to a
non-diabetic.  Maybe a non-diabetic pediatrian may have a course of
investigation?  Hope it gets better!


Cuatfshzoo wrote:

> I just spoke to my CDE and she feels that the vomitting might be the flu.
> However, the frequency has me concerned.  She said lets get through this and
> then look into other possibilities.  I am trying to get fluids down him since
> if I don't she wants me to bring him in and hook him up to an I. V.  Not a
> favorite word in our house.
> Liz
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/