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[IP] Prudential . . .

Sorry I forgot to sign previous communication.

This also offers to me the opportunity to inform you of how co-operative
D was in attempting to assist me in dealing with my maze: in particular,
Gwen and Michelle in the insurance department.  It is my belief that D
would have done anything within their power to help.

I never mentioned my attorney daughter, and how Prudential cowered in
response to her.  I mention her now as a wonderful strategy, but also as
a wonderful example of a child born of a diabetic.  She is 28 now - when
she was born I had toxemia- hence she was delivered six weeks early with
many complications.  I spent many hours beside her crib watching for
signs of brain function.  Now I sometimes watch in dread for her brain
Her 25 year old sister is a physician graduale of the University of PA
School of Medicine.  I have attempted to never think of circumstances
surrounding their births, but the comments of the recovery room nurses
re my diabetes on the birth of my second child resulted in their being
disciplined.  My best wished to those of you who are contemplating
having children - I am sure your experiences shall be better than mine!

A very grateful Ruth Kapo 
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