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Re: [IP] Adrenalin Rush (Mine, not Stephanie's)

= set or site somehow
>> because the pump delivred nsulin just fine. Before = all was said and
>> done, Steph's number had climbed to 469, but we pretty = quickly got her
>> infusion set changed and bolused her ...

    Sorry this is late but there is so much mail now I just have a hard time
keeping up.
    I don't remember if Steph uses Humalog or Velosulin but either way when
you get in this situation an injection is the best way to handle it. With
any of this fast acting insulin you have to check for keytones and keep an
eye on that when the BG shoots up like that. You don't have much time when
it goes up before you start self-destructing.
    I use straight Velosulin in my pump but use Humalog for these unexpected
highs. Works great in this combination. YMMV

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