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Re: [IP] Re: Report

    It was good to hear from you again and I do enjoy hearing your input.
Hope you have everything under control on your end. I went to the heart
doctor yesterday after having some Doppler's run on my carotid arteries in
my neck. The one on my right side is completely stopped up (occluded) and
the one on the left side is 20% occluded. You see I have another good
excuse, poor circulation to the brain! Ha.
    Had a wonderful 30th. wedding anniversary last night. Rosie and I went
out to a big catfish supper! Thanks to the pump BG was only slightly high at
180. Otherwise it would have been 250 or more I'll betcha.
    Have you just about got a handle on your new pump? I know you feel much
better from your last message. I am so proud that more and more people are
getting on the pump and feeling the wonderful difference it makes! I have
another young lady who is only 43 in Cedar Hill, Texas that just got her new
MiniMed yesterday! She is almost as excited as I am! Ha. She was on the list
for a little while but then left because of all the trouble she was having.
Poor thing spent her 43rd birthday having by-pass surgery! Bless her little
heart. She will now have the wonderful experience of the pump! It is GREAT,
is it not?
    Take care gal and don't hesitate to holler if I can help you, hear?

Love ya,

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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