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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel syndrome


I developed severe carpal tunner syndrome as the result of a wrist fracture  I
also have peripheral neuropathy -- but that is a different story.  The
symptoms for cts are very specific -- numbness and tingling of the thumb,
first two fingers and half of the third finger.  Also, try to make a circle
with your thumb and first finger.  

I was having therapy for my just-healed broken wrist when these symptome
developed. The therapist said that it was diabetic neuropathy and nothing
could be done.  I went back to my orthopod and he immediately diagnosed cts.
He operated to release the pressure.  It took six months for the feeling and
function to return after the surgery.

Hope this is helpful


p.s.  I know what you mean about giving up on your bod.  I feel that I spend
all my time just trying not to fall apart.
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