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Re: [IP] Insertion Site Rotation

In a message dated 98-04-01 18:23:55 EST, you write:

> I have a question.  how long must one wait before reusing your sites
>  when pumping?  I have a minimed 507 and I have no clue how long
>  I am to wait on reusing the same site.  When I injected insulin it was
>  ever 30 days.  I'm starting to run out of areas on my stomach.   My
>  doctor only wants me use the stomach area and he has never told
>  me a specific amount  of time.   HELP!!!!!!!  Kerry

By the time you have "walked" a path around your belly getting back to your
starting point, it is fine to start over. I have found no problems doing it
this way. I would generally say that 1 to 2 weeks is probably a good starting
point to assume you can reuse a site.

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