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[IP] the diet pop thing

I love diet Dew!!  I had a thing for coke, and pepsi but then came the
Dew.  I can be an addict.  I found that I got headaches when I
overindulged in caffeine, That was when the headaches started.  I took 3
or 4 weeks for them to go.  I know longer indulge in these products
quite so heavily.  A cup of coffee can keep me up for 30 hrs.  Just
joking, I still drink an occassional Pepsi, Coke, or Dew, but not two in
succession, nor two days in a row.  Don't want those headaches.
Does anyone else have problems with coffee?  I have stomach aches, and
feel like I am going to vomit when I drink it.  
Also, the vomit thing that is bothering some of the kids, I would have
extensive tests done to find this out now.  I have a cousin that was
bothered the same way, and they thought it was a food allergy.  Turned
out that his intestine was wrapped around one kidney, he had an
emergency operation to correct after vomiting for a week. They were
going in because even though the test didn't show appendicitus (sp),
that was all they could figure it to be.  Sheesh, anyway find out now
before it is a worse problem.   My .02 or maybe .03 I did get long.:%/
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