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[IP] Disetronic HTron V100+ question

>At 14:15 3/31/98 +0000, Randall wrote:
>>Sounds like you need to get the Disetronic reps in gear.  Let them 
>>show why they only sell pumps in pairs, and let them explain that the 
>>D pump shuts off after two years operation.

>It shuts off after two years?  Ouch!  Does it do this abruptly, or do you
>have a few weeks advance warning?

>Just curious,

To say "it shuts off in two years" is a bit misleading.  At the end of the
warrenty period, the pump starts to warn you of the time and then it does
stop.  This is to force you to send the pump back to Disetronic for a free
tune up.  After this, the pump comes back, albiet without any additional
warrenty.  My plan is to then start the clock on my second pump and use the
first pump as my back-up.  This doubles the actual warrenty time.  The H
Tron Plus comes with a 2.5 year warrenty on each pump, tht being 2.5 years
of time with batteries in it.  


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