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Re: [IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

I have had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands (and had corrective
surgery on both at age 19).  My experience was that it did affect the
thumb side of the hands but also affected  thumb,index, saluting and
thumb side half of ring finger on left hand and thumb, saluting and ring
finger on right hand which was the worst.  I found problem was worst in
mornings.  I would wake up with no feeling in either hand and had to
switch to shirts with snaps as I could not do up buttons any more.  I
also found that super hot water helped to loosen things up but you have
to be careful of burns. (this was in my prepancreatically challenged
days.)  I don't know if this helps you but email me if there is anything
else I can tell you.


PS. Don't have both hands fixed at the same time and don't have it done
under a local if possible; it hurts when they cut bfore freezing takes

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