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[IP] carpal tunnel syndrome

Went to the dr today but i actually saw the PA...thought i was seeing the
dr...anyhoo...i told her i was going numb in my hands and feet anytime i
laid down for the past 2 weeks...i have a huge lump on my neck...she said
i have carpal tunnel...and neuropathy in my feet...but doesn't carpal
tunnel  affect the thumb side of the hand ....this is more on the pinky
and fourth fingers...i was in a car accident a few years ago with
whiplash...which is what i think the problem is...anybody know anything
about carpal tunnel??i'm sure i have that too...i know diabetics are
prone to that sort of thing...  they drew mass quantities of blood that i
had gotten my new endo to order...so maybe we can get to the bottom of
this goiter/thyroid thing...lately every time i go into the dr i have a
list of things that are pooping out on my bod...can i trade this one
in...it's used...at least i don't have heart disease...of course i may
not be asking the drs the right questions to get that diagnosed for
myself...sorry medical professionals on the list but i am not having too
much luck with drs lately...i specifically asked the dr to run a thyroid
antibody test cuz the other tests had come back normal and he ordered the
same old tests..4 blood tests and $150 later that i receive this lovely
bill for...i still do not have a thyroid antibody test.....part of the
problem  may be the insurance...after several months i am working my way
up the food chain and am seeing a few specialists...like an endo...i am
still working on moving up the food chain to get my retinopathy taken
care of by a retinal specialist instead of a opthomologist...and these
drs haven't even diagnosed the bad attitude yet..ha....up on a soap box
and frustrated with my bod...at least it could wait a few months before
another decrepidation arises...give me some time to get used to the
diagnosis and lick my wounds...a filling popped out today
too...joy...michelle...have you heard the joke about the man with a 40
year old wife that wants to trade her in for two  20's...well my hubby
would be in jail for satitory (sp?) rape on two 16 year olds...HEY that's
when i developed DM

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