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Re: [IP] "Give me Diet Coke or Give Me Death"

Joseph Mudano wrote:
> Is there anyone out there that does not drink diet soda or use
> aspartame??? 


I have experienced memory problems, I believed to be
> related to my consumption of aspartame. I gave it up over six months ago
> and have more energy and a much better memory. 

My situation was a lot different. Found my A1c's were higher every summer, 
and has had a high reading on a test done at work that lead to my dismissal 5 
years later based on JUST that. I had been drinking a LOT of diet sodas over 
the weekend to rinse out a high bg, according to my urine tests (this was in 
'85, before I started bg testing). They got worse, though I couldn't really 
qualify it then.

Anyway, I finally realized what was happening, stopped all aspartame, and
waited weeks. Things were a LOT better. Then I tested it by having 2 diet
sodas at lunch 1 day. Went from 121 to 309, and stayed EXACTLY there for 7 
hours! Seems I'm allergic to aspartame, and my body respods to it as being
a severe stress factor. No mre aspartame for me, thanks!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/