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Re: [IP] Disetronic HTron V100+ question

MADKT wrote:
> I have a Disetronic. In a year and half I have had no problems with either of
> the two pumps sent to me. The explanation that I have received from Disetronic
> about why they send two pumps is ...
> If I had to venture into why I assume they do things this way . . . I would
> put it to the fact that the company has not been around as long a minimed and
> they are insuring their product. I wish more companies would do things like
> this. It would have been nice to have two Chevy trucks as ours has been
> recalled three times!

Actually, as I understand it anyway, Disetronics sells the 2 pump package
it's required by Swiss law, and they are a Swiss company. Actually it DOES make 
a lot of sense.

Ted Quick
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Type 1 for 41+ years, use a MiniMed 506

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